AMA – Money in Vietnam – costs of living, banking, currencies, saving money, not getting ripped!


This livestream episode we covered a lot about money and mentality when it comes to moving to and living in Vietnam. The timings and show notes included:

̣(00:01) – Transferring money from your home country to Vietnam – wires, atms, check cards, here’s the best deal:

(2:30) – Handling mail from your home country –

(5:00) – Depositing checks

(5:55) – Having a bank account in VN

(6:40) – Inflation of currencies including VND– real life effect, hedging, savings accounts

(9:25) – Security deposit box at a bank in VN

(11:10) – Gold stores – best place to exchange money, exchange rates, legalities

(17:28) – Bringing cash in and through the airport

(20:00) – Inflation and purchasing power parity – housing costs, it’s not evenly distributed nor universally accurate.

(24:45) – comparing cost of living in cities – housing, food, and the hidden cost of transportation

(42:05) – How to think about money – what compared to what
avoid comparing to your home country
“A fool and his money are soon separated!”
connecting prices to tangible things that are relevant in VN

(54:33) – Living on $1000 a month

(55:40) – Thinking about hours of labor vs cost of living

(59:10) – Earnings per hour vs total time spent – thinking deeper about time and PPP

(1:04:20) – Initial cost of living – startup money , rent deposits, transportation, clothing

(1:13:50) – custom tailored clothes – Big and tall folks will need this!!

(1:16:40) – Losing weight in VN

(1:21:35) – Changing habits – different food for each meal, snacks, drinks,

(1:22:10) – Finding the right cafes and restaurants- Big/small chairs spotting a good deal
acknowledge the accumulated long term cost – anything x1000 is a BIG number
Eat like a local

(1:32:25) – Getting ripped off… the four main types of overpaying and how to overcome them.

(1:43:00) – the downside of depending on credit cards – you’re overpaying for everything
maid service
convenience fee is ridiculous
lack of knowledge and lack of experience

(1:48:00) – Transportation – alternatives to grab, getting your own wheels, how to get around for free – hitchhiking is a thing

(1:52:30) – Wrap up…. Allow me to coach you. there’s always a cheaper way,
How many expats in hue city

(1:55:00) – Further details about what I really can offer folks including you
(1:57:00) – Outro

If you’d like to learn more including learning Vietnamese, meeting up in Hue Vietnam in person, or considering coaching/help while living here, please contact me.
The first meeting/consultation/chat is 100% free of course.



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