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Visual Novel Primer this time will be covering an older favorite of mine Baldr Force by Team Baldrhead of GIGA. The Baldr Series are a famous long-running sci-fi visual novels about mechas, futuristic cyberpunk world, huge military conspiracies and all sorts of other fun stuff. There exists two versions for Baldr Force, of which I’ll be talking about both EXE and Standard Edition. Mostly the same but have some differences which I’ll cover.

Baldr Force isn’t the first game in the series, but is certainly the first one to put the series on the map and make it as big as it is today. Gameplay is fun, story is intriguing, and it has luckily been fan translated recently by an anonymous user so all of you can enjoy it english now! Give the series a shot, it’s definitely one of the better Sci-fi visual novels I’ve read/played and remains an old favorite.

01:39 Background Info
03:27 Overview (Plot/Gameplay)
08:49 Tips and Opinions (Tips on beating the game/Quick Opinions on routes/VN)

If you want me to make a primer on a different series, want to fight about who best girl is, do a VNP on Duel Savior Justice, or talk about literally anything comment down below. I do read’em all~

Baldr Force Translation Patch
Follow “Official Website” for the english SteppenWolf Patch

As for where to purchase Baldr Force EXE or SE, unfortunately it is pretty old nowadays. My best suggestion would be to pick up the BALDR MASTERPIECE COLLECTION which has all the games in the series. GL GL

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  1. does Standard Edition have the PS2 voices for all the characters? because the cast for the PS2 release was apparently different according to wikipedia. i ask because i'm a fan of a lot of the seiyuu that are in PS2 version, so i wanted to know if their voices were used in SE as well

  2. Thank you so much for this video! Can't believe this series is actually played as I felt like I was the only one into it back when it saw its Dreamcast release. It was one of those late releases on the system after SEGA dropped support for it and it was an amazing experience. From what I remember the battles could get so hectic, they'd cause quite the slowdown, which actually made some attacks feel like they had even more impact. Speaking of the battle system, I couldn't agree more with what you said! There's a lot of depth in setting up how you want to play the game, and it's very rewarding. I always wanted to get a hold of an English version, except there was none, so I'm glad this has finally changed.

  3. So I started playing this the other day, but I can’t seem to figure out the controls during the battle parts. Do you know what they are?

  4. I just wanted to make a correction here: it wasn't the PS2 version that had the remastered soundtrack, it was the PC Standard Edition port. PS2 version used the same soundtrack as the earlier versions.


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