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G&S Realty has Beach front land for sale by Hoi An / Danang, Vietnam
$1,000,000 USD approximately 4,000 square meters for 6 beach plots beside the $4 billion luxury resort casino that’s developing now. Tot. Lot size approximately 4,000 m2 or 6 plots roughly 600 m2 for sale individually for $170,000 each (approximately 20m beachfront x 33m deep). Each plot with 20m beach front.
Full building permits & car access.
$1,000,000 total is asking price for these plots combined beside the luxury resort project.
$4,000,000,000 is being invested privately into a neighboring luxury beach resort project (luxury hotels, villas, pools, golf courses, gaming facilities, etc) and additional investment is being made by the Vietnamese government to ensure success of the “Nam Hoi An” area in the Chu Lai Open Zone, in the central province of Quang Nam, Vietnam. The luxury beach resort plans five-star hotels, villas, golf courses, and an electronic gaming facility on 1,000 hectares, aimed at the foreign tourist market.

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Another Beach Front Land Property for Sale:
#1: $350,000 USD (450 square meters total~19m wide x 23.7m long) by new foreign beach club, popular community “Soul Kitchen” ~near Cẩm An, tp. Hội An, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam
It will have a road developed immediately beside the property going directly from downtown Hoi An to the beach soon.
Greenfill land. Issued paperwork & building permits by government.

Another Beach Front Land for Sale
#2: $295,000 USD (391 square meters total) A few properties farther from the new foreign beach club, popular community “Soul Kitchen” ~ near Cẩm An, tp. Hội An, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam
16 m wide x 18m back x 23 m long: Tot 391 sq m
Building footprint is for 75% of land.

The whole peninsula is being developed rapidly both by the private luxury resort companies, and also the Vietnamese government. Come get this land quickly while the prices are low. Prices have been rising every few months since Vietnam first opened the property market to foreign ownership July 1, 2015! Prices are still cheap!

Multilane roads are being developed in this area – presently dirt roads are under construction to become new wide luxury roads and future palm tree lined boulevards for the region to support the $4,000,000,000 foreign direct investment for the luxury resort, hotel, villas, golf courses, and gaming areas, etc. The Vietnamese government is also investing heavily in the area’s infrastructure with the newly developed bridge and the road being just two examples of the government investment into the area. Nice roads will go from the city center in Hoi An, over the new bridge and all the way to your new beach front property.

We have 6 beach front properties side by side with a combined area just less than 4000 square meters, beside the new resort development plots.

Buy Beachfront Land by Danang, Vietnam:


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