Coronavirus Impacts Tom Hanks, the NBA and Monkeys in Thailand | The Daily Show


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson test positive for the coronavirus, the NBA cancels the rest of its season, and monkeys in Thailand struggle to find food without tourists to feed them. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #TomHanks #Coronavirus

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  1. This is just a big shake up for all humans in the World😭 we get so spoiled about everday lives and entertainments.busy as always. But one thing we're forgetting. We need GOD not only in our minds but our daily living life. We all intend to forget Him when everything iis A ok. Lots of times we don't call His name when everything's good. Put God first in every day lives. I'm not perfect and Holy. But i put Him fist in my life fallows with family friends and the world. Prayers is big for me. Always give thanks no matter what's the circum stances

  2. I get that you are a comedian and it's your job to make people laugh. But seriously, you have to understand this is becoming really serious. Hundreds of thousands of people will die after this.

  3. We need the older generations to die off (not Bernie or Ruth ??Ginsburg?? the Supreme Court Justice) so that the young, intelligent, unbiased, non-prejudice, open-minded, non counterfeit christian, accepting others for who they are – Millennials can be in power.

  4. It’s harder with pre-existing conditions. Hanks has diabetes & Rita recently went through breast cancer. I wish them the best 🥺

  5. I feel so torn. This is such a serious subject but Trevor has me cracking up and I feel so bad about it. I'm like 🤣😮🤣😲🤣😥🤣😐🤣😢

  6. 4G was already very unhealthy and caused many diseases now imagine what bad things 5G can do ? The first place where 5G was Online was Wuhan The place where the fake coronavirus happend to make the world panic think about it why is everybody with the fake virus happy and healthy because its fake in 1month they are gonna release a fake antidote whats gonna kill millions of people the injection is gonna kill Millions People wake up !!!!!!! Please Share This Comment everywhere !!!! 5G in Wuhan made the people sick not the fake coronavirus !!!!! The fake coronavirus has 0 deaths ever they count old ill people who where going to die anyways and say that they died from the fake coronavirus so nobody is going to ask questions !!!! The are trying to kill Millions of people because we have way to much people on earth but thats not the way to do it disgusting !!!!!!!!! Please Share with everyone !!!!! My goal is to expose all the devils peoples from the government !!!!! Its all about money and power !!!! The Hospitals made more money than ever !!

  7. #SIMPSONSDIDIT In The Simpsons Movie 2007, an animated Hanks is at the Grand Canyon and says, “The U.S. government has lost its credibility so it’s borrowing some of mine.”

    Later in the clip, he adds, “This is Tom Hanks saying if you see me in person, please let me be.”

  8. I like Noah. He turns everything, I mean everything into humorous case. Keep up the good job Noah, ( Kenya 🇰🇪 is still better than South Africa 🇿🇦)


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