Did the rate change for Zim already happen


A quick look at an announcement from the Zimbabwe Reserve Bank.. Did the rate change already happen?

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Zimbabwe in trouble with IMF

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  1. 😂😂
    Those rates you mentioned for the Zim was when it crashed in 2009. Has nothing to do with the RV🤦🏾‍♀️
    You are feeding terribly old news

  2. Speaking about zim is like suggesting that the old Saddam notes Iraq had, will revalue. Y'all know they killed the Saddam notes in 2003, and issued new ones. That is the same thing they did with the zim in 2009…its worth nothing now.

  3. Hi Pimpy you make like this video. called Iraq Babylon Vlog – Saddam's Palace dated.2 Jun 2019

  4. Pimpy, I can't believe you guys are talking about an old currency that does not exist anymore. Those old zim notes were taken out of circulation back in 2009, and they were worthless then. They don't exist anymore. That is not an opinion, it's a fact. So there is no question on whether it could do something in the future. It's gone. What dont people understand about that. It's gone, dead, demonetized.
    People could sell on Ebay as memorabilia, but that's about it.
    They have a new zim dollar. Period.

  5. https://m.fin24.com/Economy/Africa/zimbabwe-sa-now-have-the-same-growth-forecast-for-2020-from-the-imf-20200228

    Do you own Dinar? If so how much? And what about this investment has people following it so hard?


  8. It doesn't matter..thats why you diversify your currency holdings. So if one currency doesn't revalue for as much as you expect you always have others to fall back on that may re-value at higher rates.

  9. Imf can't help anyone they are as broke as a joke. The U.S. dollar is toast.Gcr will revalue their currency just like any other country when the dollar collapses. The us dollar has manipulated values of all countries except a few.iraq dinar 1190 dinars per dollar remove three zeros or numbers you get,1.19

  10. I have 110T Zim notes. All of this report means basically that they are worthless. I went ion Ex in the internet and did the conversion and it came out to be almost 400 M USD. How can this be?

  11. I wish no one will mention zim

    No one. Ever prophecy about zim is no zim was replaced. No one knows what is zim

  12. There's a lot if misinformation going around about Zim bond notes. Firstly the high denomination notes are not bond notes. Pay the bearer on demand is NOT the same as bond note which is different again from a bearer bond. It would take too long to explain the differences here so please look it up. Secondly, all bond notes have the words bond note printed on the face, this is what differentiates bond notes from currency notes. In the case of Zim bonds the words bond note are printed on the top right of each note. And thirdly, Zimbabwe only started issuing bond notes in late 2016 in 2 & 5 Zim dollar denominations only. Here is the press statement announcing the INTRODUCTION of bond notes. https://www.rbz.co.zw/documents/publications/press/press-statement-on-the-introduction-of-bond-notes.pdf

  13. looks to me like zim notes arent paying anywhere near what some guru's were saying… whats the price of a 09 2009 zim note sell for?.. i think they were and are more to buy than u get back in a redemption or swap…if anyone has diff. thoughts please share here.

  14. those 100 trillion notes are no longer any good. zimbabwe no longer use those notes as the inflation is out of control they are using other countries currency. i personally would not invest that that particular currency. there are others that have better potential


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