[F] Intro 2D // ItsTrung // Trung Sugi || Sync by BESTAR || insp.2DShark and Sline FX


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ItsTrung // Trung Sugi :

Song ♪:
Tittle: Sia – The Greatest ft. Kendrick Lamar (BOXINBOX & Lionsize Remix)
I do not own this song
The copyright of this song belongs to the owner of this song
Background Video: N/A
Font: Machine

Program Used: Adobe After Effects CC 2019

Render time:
After Effects (Æ): 40mi 34s

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  1. 1:Don’t like the animation.
    (the sword sounds!)
    2:the text show up faster than the drops.
    3:I like the sync tho:3.
    4:the tnt exploding make me boring as hell.

  2. Lm tui cái giống đó đc ko ?? Nếu đc thì
    Skin nè http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Ek8hAXAhpEAjC5Bb6L-V8Q8FRFKnyl7fLE5ghuKXH-_AjrmrX5nqUYiDEVhYNj0_RkWDCqv_NTzDuaG8XZDrBFM


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