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The 2020 Honda CRF450R returns to the new model year with updated mapping, lower battery position, torq control, and other small changes. The Honda tied the Suzuki for 5th place in the 2019 Motocross Action 450 Shoot Out. Can these small changes add up to a better position in rank for 2020? Check out what managing editor Daryl Ecklund had to say about his first day of testing on the Honda CRF450R. Stay tuned to our website and Youtube channel for further testing on the Honda and other 2020 bikes.

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  1. 1 second ago

    I like this guy's reviews, I feel like he tells it straight out, no fluff,

    no pandering to the manufacturer.

    For me, it's best when you get the same guy reviewing one

    bike from year to year, and covers the same issues for those model

    years , gives them the same treatment, so you can get a great feel

    for what is improved and what is not , for that given model's year to

    year comparison.

    The worst coverage is when you have one guy in 2017 and

    then two different guys 2018 and '19 , reviewing a certain model with completely

    different approaches and not covering the same issues nor with the same brutal honesty.

  2. Love this bike , the general specs, but when it comes to holding a button for
    so many seconds, watch for the blinks, , then hold it again and then the
    other button for something else, forget it , what a joke. They could have eliminated
    all of this 'monkey/football' with two simple 3 or 4 positions switches, no guessing,
    and hoping and wishing that you can see what's up in the daylight, get it done quickly ,
    and hope when you take off you have it right…. : )

  3. when I was in my early teens i ate drank and slept Motocross , I had a honda yamaha CZ Ossa and Ktm raced and road allot of tracks and practice tracks , still love it but no more bikes , thanks

  4. Traction control?….My right hand, left hand and right foot are my – always equipped/always engaged – traction controls.

  5. My good old 09 crf 450 still going strong, brother is gonna have to rebuild it so when I get back from leave it’ll be ready to go in the summer if I can get off. When I get out might be worth getting a new one.

  6. Its the most powerful MXer today thats why its the most unpredictable of them all today, that it has to take to get used to it to better know how to better harness its potential


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