Foreign Currency Vietnam Dong vs Iraqi Dinar vs US Dollar Investment


Comparing Foreign Currency, VDN to IQD to USD – Why Vietnam Dong may be a better investment right now. Learning about Vietnam vs. Iraq.
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1. When chasing the thought path of Middle East Muslims, I found that the reason and the way the new Iraqi Dinar was implemented into Iraq is NOT acceptable by many Muslim people outside of Iraq. If I had to guess I’d say, the reinstatement of the Iraqi Dinar is being blocked by the Muslim community world wide.

If this is true, it may be five to ten or more years before the IQD revalues. Look how long it has taken for the Vietnam Dong? hidden, angry and harsh feelings won’t allow the financial harmony needed to bring about a change in the Iraqi Dinar’s revalue, float or reinstatement. Mentally and spiritually, this appears to be a war against the West. For this reason I am recommending that subscribers of this channel, begin looking at “other” investments while waiting for the Iraqi Dinar to revalue.

The Iraqi Dinar will revalue, yet, time is money, and I don’t want clients, subscribers or visitors to wait, without taking further actions to secure your financial status.

2. It appears that only the poor people in Iraq are struggling and there doesn’t seem to be an urgency when it comes to moving things alone. Or, perhaps they believe controlling their fate is more important then allowing the West to implement currency, policies and government. We have to be prepared for the agenda’s of people in power in Iraq and set our agenda’s according. If the Iraqi Dinar is stalling, then maybe we should be looking at other options which may bring about personal profits much faster.

The Vietnam Dong has has it’s problems, yet the country is striving to become a solid foundation when it comes to it’s economy. Vietnam appears to be more willing to participate in a higher value for their currency.

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  1. Sandy, was you able to find out; how, Checking the box for Currency Exchange and not checking the Investment box on the FINSRUD at the time of our Currency Exchange will effect how our Capital Gains will be taxed ?

  2. If you’re going to have this conversation intelligently then you ought to check I this site:

    Additionally I wouldn’t recommend the channels you mentioned for reliable sources, but rather The PIR report. Now that’s an intelligent and reliable source. You also forgot to mention Vietnam has the largest amount of GDP growth in the last eight years at 32%! And the largest Brent crude oil in the world!

    Secondly your shot at ken was highly inappropriate. We don’t all feel that way.


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