How To boot from USB drive in HP Pavilion Laptop – USB Boot Option (Legacy Support Enabled in BIOS)


Where to find USB Boot option in HP Pavilion Laptop. How to boot from USB drive in HP Pavilion series laptop.
1.Go to BIOS System Configuration, Enable Legacy Support.
Note:When Legacy Support is enabled, BIOS will load Compatibility Support Module (CSM) to support Legacy OS such as Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows xp and DOS. When Legacy Support is disabled, BIOS will boot in UEFI Mode without CSM to support newer OS such as Windows 8.
2.Move the device ”USB Diskette on key/USB Hard Disk” up in UEFI Boot order.
That’s it, you can boot from USB hard drive (pendrive) in HP Pavilion laptop.
how to boot from USB in HP laptop.
Boot Device Options in Hp pavilion Laptop
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  1. EXCELLENT video. You demonstrated the entire process, leaving nothing unexplained. Great job. The information was so solid and so appreciated the blurriness and bird squawking were barely noticeable. A lot of people need this information. It's a lot different than it was before. Thank you for taking time to make it.

  2. Hi if the OS is corrupt and you install Windows 10 off the USB will it erase all previous files before it was corrupt? Thanks

  3. i used lili usb creator to make an ubuntu stick, but it wont load somehow. No bootable OS error is displayed.
    Asides from that you process worked i guess, thanks for uploading this, it really helped.

    Do you have a suggestion of a very, very light linux that might be supported by LiLi, as this seems to be the problem with lubuntu? 🙂

  4. How did you get into the Advance setup screen(2:01) soon after changing the legacy and boot order?
    I also did the exact same thing( until 1:59) but my PC suddenly shut down and not at all responding but just the capslock is blinking (Caps lock blink 5.3 ) i.e. 5 long and 3 short blinks. When I referred the HP support site which says( Caps lock blink 5.3 – The embedded controller times out waiting for the BIOS). It became a big problem for me now! Can some one please help me out to solve this issue?

  5. thank you so much. my brother and i were struggling for the past 3 hours and when he gave up i came across this link. so grateful.

  6. Jesus Chirist, HP Bios is so annoying. But your tutorial help me. A lot. Thank you very much. All the best!

  7. For my hp doing this would mess up the regular booting. I used f9 (booting on another device) to do this instead

  8. Hello I did this awhile ago and it boots from the USB I need it to but for some reason it doesn't anymore and I did these exact steps again

  9. 1:30 I haven't "USB boot" option. So I don't know it is enable or disable, but i think it's disable because I can't boot my pendrive. Can you help me?


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