How To Fix Dll Missing Problem | Without Any Software


In this video i was shown you how to fix any types of dll missing problem on your windows computer without any software.
if you will get any types of error regarding this then please comments below .

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  1. Step By Step Guide How To Fix All Missing .Dll Problems | Without Any Software :

  2. when i am installing some applications
    afcore.dill and 0*000000906 error will come …how to fixed this probel plsssss help me

  3. Hi, i need the SDL.dll file and i got a 64.Bit Version of windows. The site only got it as 32 bits. do somebody know a link?

  4. Yoooooo!!!! thanks! my bluestacks suddenly stopped working and my error popped up and the video really helped, i had to do a bit more than what you showed me but you laying down the groundwork and a way to actually solve the problem really helps, many thanks!


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