IRAQ DINAR SPEED UPDATE | Budget Gazette Progress | Indian Rupee & VND Dong Update


Iraq Dinar Sunday Speed Update Video! Lets Talk about the Iraqi Budget being published in the Gazette Progress and the Indian Rupee and Vietnamese Dong current news.

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IRAQ DINAR SPEED UPDATE | Budget Gazette Progress | Indian Rupee & VND Dong Update

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Global Currency Reset 2019
Iraqi News , Iraqi Dinar news, Iraqi Dinar currency review
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  1. goddamn you stupid fucks.. you lost your money. I invested $120.00 five yrs ago. it's still worth $120.00. I can take the loss. $120.00 ….. fucking stupid people.. yea.. me to. get over it.. central banking.. do some resarch. fuck

  2. I invested $120.00 5 yrs ago. I knew at that time it was bullshit and it's still bullshit. fucking dumbshits . me included.. ain't never gunna happen. great wallpaper though..

  3. It's never going to happen. People got scammed with this. N now you have all these "GURU'S" that continue to claim that it will happen any day now. They have been saying this for years and years and will continue to say it for years and years. Give it up already and stop giving false hope.

  4. If you know so much about investment and currencies why aren't you informing these people that the Iraqi dinar that everybody bought is dead, that gold silver usd and euro is traded in Iraq NOT DINAR!!!! They've already printed new dinar, the old stuff is only good to scam people or start a fire in your chimney

  5. V nd
    I raq
    I ran
    I ndia

    V I I I (8) x 2 (twice as fast) = 16 years
    2003(Start) or( 2002 December)+ 16years = (End)2019 RV.!!!

    I don't know, its a theory.

    Also, it should RV already in 2018 December.

  6. As gangess con said after concering all of iraq " these idiots argue so much between there own people they will never accomplish anything" and he took his troops and left them after only 30 days ? Just saying !!!????$$$$

  7. Amazing, before there was every a guru and the GCR the dinar was all alone from 2003 to 2010. Why can't people see that all these other currencies are not going to RV. These other countries are going to do what is best for them. Raising the value of their currency is not in the best interest of the economies. Not what people like Benie, Bruce, Currency 356, or Convict TNT Phony says.This is about Iraq and Iraq only.

  8. Good video, to the point. Next into the Gazette and after that the Forex. Others claiming rates are flashing on screens. Not even………


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