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Iraqi Dinar Guru Dinares – Free PDFs I found also see and Dinar Guru files I found by doing a Google search plus the IQD Calls website which posts his older calls. I actually have his calls from 2011-2013. I did this mainly because I figured someone might take them down and they might become useful in an investigation.

00:09 guru blogspot website Found on the website

00:38 guru predicts Follow this video to get the free documents. It’s simple, just follow the instructions perfectly, pause the video if you have to, but make sure you watch the whole video and comment, or, at the very least, please give it a thumbs up.

1:03 detectives

If those fantastic guys over at want to contact me, I can provide the mp3 files. I have to warn you, even though I never listened to more than a few minutes of each one, they are really torture to listen to.

02:20 iqd predictions
you can download the guru ebook if you want.

For those of you who check out the dinar guru news predictions or even the dinar guru recaps site, the information presented in the pdfs are of interest to you. They get you up to speed with some of the terminology used in the dinar community that many first time listeners are not familiar with.

03:00 dinar guru recaps

The dinar guru news is really just a bunch of gurus sharing the same disinformation, and as for the real Iraqi Dinar gurus, well, I haven’t met any, and I am by no means one of those dinar guru detectives.

03:30 iraqi dinar guru

I’m all about posting real information, real data, and stopping the spread of disinformation.

03:15 iraqi guru news

04:05 dinares guru news

05:27 tnt dinar guru

07:01 dinar guru updates

07:33 dinar guru blog

07:55 iraq dinar guru

Contact Nick (Dominick) Giammarino at the website listed at the top of this description.

Dinar Guru


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  • Thank you for this very helpful video : )

    Chad Chering
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  • Can you tell me if thay delete the zeros from the  25000 notes will it be worth 25 dinar or  will stay at 25000 dinars please help me if you can thank you very   much  because i only have 25000 notes  

    Posted May 13, 2020
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