Itaewon Class vs. Original Webtoon (EP 13-14) All Plot Differences


Read ‘Itaewon Class’ webtoon:

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This video is obviously full of spoilers for episodes 13 and 14, so add it to your Watch Later playlist if needed.

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  1. please tell me i’m like.. not the only one wHIPpeD for geunsoo ? 🥺🥺🥺 it might be because i love the actor, kim donghee a lot already but his character makes me feel some kind of way ㅜㅜ

  2. I mean it makes sense for them to change and add things bc they wanted to build more characters and stories to those that didn’t have a big influence in the webtoon but in the drama everything fit even from the smallest character? Which is what i like bc it gave me more to anticipate and also kdramas always do this when they recreate a webtoon they make fit without removing its originality

  3. Thought the mob boss would recognise Royi,This is really sad. Ep14 ending broke my heart to pieces. Just hoping for a happy ending.

  4. i still love the webtoon than the series one. The webtoon well potrayed the intensity of the revenge also in drama they made it too fluffy for some reason. i wont call it bad but i dont think the writer tried to potrayed the drama like the webtoon does. its pitifull tho,,, i love the original one because it always give me goosebumps.

  5. The writer really still want to drag the love triangle story between saeroyi, yiseo and soo ah til the end. 🙄🙄. No wonder the rating slowly decrease this week. But for final episode the rating might increase seems people is curious who will saeroy end up with (but every one knows saeroyi will end up with yiseo)

  6. Why am I like this??😭😭😭
    Why do I want Saeroyi and Soo-ah to be the real couple???
    I'm like… Soo-ah should have been the villain from the first if Yi-Seo was going to be the heroine……
    It's not that I'm hating the drama but still….
    Why am I like this???😭😭😭😭

  7. Thank you for this comparison! ^^ There's only two more episodes… I hope the ending will be a good one D:

  8. Ridiculous rewrite? If you just copy and paste your assignment from the internet you will get the lowest mark . Same energy 😂

  9. They did SA dirty, I actually like her, she have been honest to herself since the beginning. SRY gave her hope, he was always saying that he likes her, that in part, he was doing all that for her😩

  10. You can't expect the drama and webtoon are going to be exactly the same. Remember they have only 16 episodes. I think the drama is good.

  11. chờ vid của nàng mãi :))
    công nhận ưng phim hơn hẳn bản truyện ghê ấy, yêu biên kịch quá 😘

  12. Anyone else heartbroken because park saroyi and so ah didnt end up together ? I was really rooting for them. But it was obvious that he would fall for yi-so eventually. But still… I feel so bad for So-ah….I cried so much when she was crying at episode 14. Her whole life has been kinda meaningless. It was so tragic to watch…..
    Uhh, my heart. Poor her. 🙁

  13. Xem đến tập 13 thấy chán em định stop ở đấy không xem nữa nhưng preview tập 14 lại hay thế là lại xem tiếp :)))))

  14. I like the way he save jgs from the car hit, love the writer creativity to change, this will maybe the end of jgs love for yiseo. He will accept the fact that yiseo really love psy and how his family ruined psy life. He will pursue yiseo no matter what if.. if psy didnt confess his feelings that night. But i am more curious about psy cellmate… i thought they had a good relationship before.. oh.. can't wait for ep 15.

  15. i haven’t even bother watching it lately bc he’s just gonna end up with yi seo in the end and I want him with so ah 🙁

  16. I think its useless,arrogant and disrespectful to critic this when the author himself is the one who made the changes for the drama, infact its like an upgrade so he can make changes to the things the didnt like, its his masterpiece anyways not yours

  17. Till now, this drama is great, but if this drama won't make saeroyi and yi seo end up together, this drama will be worst drama for me. Actually, i believe we will get happy ending since ppl said that webtoon end with happy ending, but some ppl also said that webtoon and drama plot are much different. Huh, so confuse.

  18. It's so sad how the mobsters couldn't remember parksaeroyi😭😭 I hope he remember later and turn himself and jang's oldest son in😭

  19. I feel SRY and SA relationship was already rocky and hopeless even if YS would hv not been in picture. I mean there was no strong reason for SRY to fall in love with SA and wait for her all these years..and SA never gave a chance for their relationship because she wanted a rich man..both wanted different things and never put any effort to be together.


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