KINGDOM SEASON 2: Ending Explained & Full Netflix Season Breakdown


KINGDOM SEASON 2: Ending Explained & Full Netflix Season Breakdown. We break down the latest season of the Netflix Zombie Period Peace.

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Kingdom Season 1 Recap
Ok so quick recap of the first season to get you up to speed.

The King of The Kingdom was on deaths door and a mysterious plague ravaged the land. Eyes soon turned to who would be his successor and initially it seemed like the Crown Prince Chang would be a shoe in.

However, The Queen was also apparently pregnant and due to the Crown Prince being of illegitimate birth her child would become the heir should he be born whilst the king was still alive. The King died and though it seemed like this meant that the Crown Prince would ascend to the throne, the evil Queen and her Father, Senator Cho had other plans.

Using a rare herb known as the resurrection plant the Queen was able to bring the King back from the dead and she planned to keep him this way until she had an heir in place.

As we theorised in our last breakdown of the show, the Queen had had a miscarriage and thus she had been rounding up pregnant women in the palace in the hopes of taking their child. There was a mole with the crown princes group, and to make matters worse, the zombie King had passed the disease on to others and now the undead disease was spreading like wildfire throughout the land.

The Crown Prince saw this first hand and the first season centred around him fighting off the plague that was tearing things apart.

Cho did whatever he could to kill Chang and the first season ended with him sending a legion of the undead to a location where he was making a stand.

Kingdom Season 2 Themes
After some back story to the herb Season 2 picks up almost immediately where the first season ended with the horde storming the Crown Prince’s forces.

I’ve always viewed Kingdom as a class struggle story and that is definitely exemplified here. In the first season many of the rich characters hosted large banquets whilst the poor literally ate one another and here that aesthetic is continued. Food is God and this message of the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few plays heavily into the finale.

Though it wasn’t intentional, in light of recent events, the show is almost metaphorically depicting how people will try to do whatever they can to survive, even if that means stealing all the toilet paper I mean rice…

The Zombies represent people at their base instincts, fighting for whatever they can whilst those in power are cool, calm and calculated, happy to let those that they view as insignificant fight amongst themselves.

There are several examples of this in the six-episode run and ultimately the show states that on the whole though humans tend to be self-centred, we are strongest when we work together.

Though the intro is laced with subtext it’s also just amazing to watch and it’s probably one of the best openings to a season well…ever.

kingdom season 2 ending explained netflix

Kingdom Season 2 Plot Recap
Overwhelmed the forces retreat and we discover that not only is the Princes trusted advisor Mu, the mole, but that the disease had also been used in the past as part of biological warfare.

We realise later in the season that the sick and elderly were transformed into the undead through the plant and used to fend off the Japanese forces three years prior.

Once more this shows how the higher ups have little regard for the frail and the show is eerily similar to current events and rules that have been put in place when caring for those that the government view as offering little to society.

The Prince realises that he must end the disease in the land no matter what and with a skeleton crew he heads out after Cho. He sees first hand the desperation…

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  1. Let me know your thoughts on the season and what you think was up with the mysterious character at the end. If you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to the channel

  2. I thought the ending of the mysterious lady was the queen. 7 years pass and she could had survive from the water. She maybe hid herself for 7 years and try to plan to build a zombie army because she wants revenge for her throne be taken. (Theory)

  3. This was great but the ending actually reveals that the mystery character was already in the show since episode 3 in season 1 when seo-bi finds the plant in the frozen valley mountains and sees that someone else has been there who had also used bells to track the zombies, had shackles around human limbs (might’ve spelled that wrong), and only kept a certain amount of zombies nearby in a controlled environment. If you’re reading this go back to that episode and it will blow your mind how well the writers have written all of the characters stories to do that they can all meet one day from so many different reasons!

  4. If you actually watched and paid attention to the series you would know how to pronounce the characters' names you walnut.

  5. The ending was pretty crap leaving the whole word to a kid who has no experience and will easily be manipulated to being a bad king like wtf plot

  6. Bruh, no offense but you really didn't explain the ending that much. You just stated the obvious and not clearing things up based on clues spread all over the season. Need to improve on checking on red herrings, etc.

  7. So funny how some people doesn’t know the woman at the end 🤣 Prolly haven’t seen the legend of the blue sea and my love from the star ? 🤣 sigh….. 😂 How I wish she was the nurse though 🤣 I’m guessing she will be a bad girl.. it’ll be so epic if she’s the lead too 😭 she’s mad amazing and she’s got a very funny character!

    What I love about this series besides the story and details.. it’s the camera compositions and movements. They didn’t fall for too many shaky camera effects. Also, too many special effects ruins it for me too. But I love how they made it so clean and clear. The slow mo as well isn’t exaggerated. It made me focus on giving the story more attention.

  8. Seo-Bi is the reincarnation of Ganggeum 😂😂😂 100%.

    seo-bi and bum pal cho has a good chemistry I ship them.

  9. I am confused to the fact that the worms manage to stay on young king's body for a long time. Does it mean it has been mutated like the first case seo-bi said, if you got bitten you would not turn into monter but then someone cooked the bitten corpse and the persons who have eaten the meat died and everyone it bites will rapidly become monster; and so maybe this time, the worms have mutated and can stay in the body for long. I cant wait for seo-bi solve this mystery of the plaque again. Im so excited what will Kingdom 3 will bring us. 😍😍

  10. 2020 is probably going to be like Kingdom but instead of fighting for wealth and food we’ll be fighting for toilet paper and hand sanitizer

  11. I want to see a series made from the point of view of one of the Japanese soldier and his samurai ninja group. All the horrors they lived 3 years earlier and how a righteus/ Korean sympathizing/humanitarian Japanese soldier survives the invasion attempt and fights his way back to a surviving ship that gets run over by an undead straggler. Holy crap, that'd be amazing.

  12. I was really enjoying this series as a whole until that ending. The baby thing was so fucking stupid. That was a complete non-issue that they turned into the most forced plot point I've ever seen. Throughout the entire series Chang is portrayed as this lowkey brilliant tactician but he couldn't even manage to figure if he could fake his own death he could fake the baby's death even more easily??? Not that he would even have to do that since nobody outside the palace even knew a baby was born??? And also there was a mountain of evidence to easily prove the baby was illegitimate and the Queen literally murdered a bunch of pregnant women to steal their babies??? None of that shit went through Chang's head at that time and the only brilliant solution he could come up with was "ya just fuckin kill me lol"??? What a horrible, stupid ass ending that was so forced it could basically be classified as sexual assault.

  13. If the invading Japanese were indeed brought down by the citizens revived by the resurrection plant, it makes perfect sense that they would want to learn everything about this new found army. I would not be surprised if the "pirate" lady is not Japanese and this is all a part of a plot to once again attack and take over using their own weapons against them.

  14. Im never fond of superstar protagonists, same story, royal bloodline that is fighting for his rightful place. But man Chang’s character build up is exceptional, selfless, true leader and has a genuine heart. A very good example and i hope every government and politician in our country is like this unsung hero Chang aka crown prince soecially in this corona virus situation…l


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