Monster Girl Quest New Game Plus – Boss Battle Dual Mix


I’m not very creative when it comes to the whole April fools schtick. The best prank I could come up with was putting salt in my dad’s cereal back in my bab days. Regret it as soon as I did it.
So have a joke dual mix containing dubious content instead.

Music source:

Monster Girl Quest New Game Plus Boss Battle Theme –

Which is actually just Cammy’s Theme from Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold –

Mixed with the original soundtrack from the SNES game X-Men Vs Street Fighter –

Picture source:

Monster Girl Quest picture by ぬっぺほふ aka solidstatesurvivor (WARNING! This artist’s work and pretty much the entire drawing board pixiv contain NSFW material) –

You can dowload the game and/or soundtrack for free:

Monster Girl Quest New Game Plus Mod by Ecstasywastaken (WARNING! This blog contains NSFW material):



  1. Left: a goddess, a fallen scientist, one of the old monster lords, a cyborg, a necromancer, and the third angel

    Right: son of the original angels, the current monster lord, a knight, a slime, a 500 year old nine tail fox, and a succubus

  2. Was a tad disappointed at the quality of April Fools joke… until I went to the "free" links in the description. Well played. QQ


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