Một ngày thanh toán không dùng tiền mặt với Bsys – VITV


BSYS PROJECT went through rigorous research and development process to let variety of cryptocurrencies like BSYS be
used just like common credit cards or mileage points, and BSYS CLUB is precisely the result we’ve anticipated. BSYS CLUB
is the blockchain cryptocurrency payment system based on BSYS CHAIN and is structured as a mall of franchise stores that
supports on-/offline e-payments.
The core of BSYS CLUB is that it allows cryptocurrencies to be used in diverse payment methods through consolidation of
online PG and offline POS systems. Users can purchase product with their smartphones, through installed BSYS LIGHT
WALLET or COINPIGGY multi-wallet. Purchases can be made through choice of QR code, barcode or numeric code, and
then the transaction links to the BSYS CHAIN network to transfer the fund to sellers and all transactions are recorded on
the blockchain.
Above all, BSYS payment system is built on proprietary blockchain protocol of BSYS CHAIN, which signifies the rapid
processing and outstanding usability throughout the worl

Nguồn: https://sangiaodichtienao.com

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