Motocross Action's 2020 450 Shootout


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Make no mistake about it; Motocross Action Magazine isn’t looking at all 6 450 motocross models for their play riding, enduro, or off-road riding abilities. To us, these are pure-bred race bikes, and that’s how we tested and rated them. Our information is just a suggestion. If you don’t like our test, you can find lots of other shootouts with different results – perhaps one of those will make you feel better about your own bike. But, be forewarned, we are the only media company that raced all six bikes every week, dyno’ed all six bikes, weighed all six bikes, broke things on all six bikes and spent five months doing our shootout. We use ten different test riders of varying ability and politeness who also raced all six bikes in classes from Novice to Vet to Pro.

The goal of MXA’s 2020 450 Shootout isn’t to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside, but we do care about what serious motocross racers think because they push the bikes they own to the best of their ability and really that’s our true audience because that’s also us. Boiled down to its essence, the 2020 MXA 450 Shootout is for serious racers who want to investigate every bike out there before they spend a good chunk of their hard earned money on a new model and we’re here to help them out.

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  1. All these bikes are either to much of this or not enough of that for 10 grand i'm not convinced I was liking the KX until this.

  2. MXA narrator : please note, and I'll say this once!!
    Say the word 'Husk' now say 'Varna', now say them together, with no gap in between.
    HuskVarna, there you go, as in Husqvarna!!!🤣😊👍🏻
    It's most definitely NOT 'Husker Varna' FFS!!

  3. Suzuki should win. Why? Because it is more bike than 90% of people would ever be capable of using, it is very reliable, and it can be bought for two grand cheaper than the other bikes with the discounts that usually come from Suzuki. With that savings, you can do whatever you want with the rear shock and still come out $1200.00 bucks ahead.

  4. 👍Good vid, but the major thing that made the Yamaha tie with the ktm was the suspension, if I go buy cone valves that won’t be the case

  5. Honda is like that brand that everyone wants to be best but at the end of the day its still always gonna be Yamaha… Yamaha customer for life. PS every honda purchase comes with a free man purse

  6. Best shootout in years. I’m closer to the C class rider and appreciate the honesty about where your opinions are coming from.

  7. Honda puts out 59 horsepower. To Convert that into rear wheel horsepower you multiply that with 0.85.. and there is your answer.

    50,7 horsepower to the rear wheel.

  8. Im thinking about buying a 450cc bike. But i dont know wich one is the best for me, so i would love to have some help here from an expert.

    Im looking for a 450cc from 2005 up to 2009, something like that.
    I love torque, so a 450cc with alot of torque would be perfect. Hits hard on the middle and drops a little bit on the top end.
    And i love a loud bike too, so if you happend to know wich one is the loudest too that would be perfect.

    Cheers from Sweden.

  9. On the Yamaha they mentioned the handle bars the shifter the seat and the air box.. wrong. The handle bars come stock moved forward you can move them in the back position idiots makes a difference! Shifter is fine and air box funny I don’t hear anything and I’ve ridden other bikes as well. I’ve had all bikes Honda was bad on valves ktm motor doesn’t hold up as long Yamaha motors seem to go forever without valves being adjusted or anything for that matter. The Kawasaki I had didn’t have any complaints with that. But any bike can be good and most of us change it to suit us.

  10. I love motorcross I want to have one its binge to ride with that full adrenaline and high jumping its adorable 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

  11. I like the Honda and Yamaha the best. I haven't been on the husgvarna before so I can't speak on it. But in my experience the Honda has been one of the most reliable as long as you know how to ride it without trashing it. The Yamaha same way.

  12. Yes, but also no.
    You've blown nearly $10k on a bike.
    I show up on a 24 year old machine with a total investment of just a breath over $3k and ruin your day. 😁

  13. They don't no nothin my neighbor brother cousin haz a 2011 kx450 and it's the baddest and we do smokie burnouts in circle k parking lot and the cop cars can't catch him so go run and tell that

  14. This is by far the best overall review I have seen on any motorcycle class review! I loved that you gave pros/cons of each early in the video and throughout!

  15. Wow, the intro was so insulting I couldn't watch the whole video. News flash – If manufacturers took your position, there would be no bikes period. Those same weekend warriors you went to such lengths to put down are the same people who BUY nearly all bikes sold. Unsubbed.

  16. They should tell KTm and Yamaha their the best pro bike on the track. I see neither on the podium in the nationals or local. It’s more of the Kawi and Honda show.


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