Oppo Find X2 Pro: One-Upping the Champ?


One-upping the Galaxy S20 Ultra isn’t easy…
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First look sponsored by and device provided by Oppo. They did not receive copy approval rights to this video.

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  1. Calling this a FindX2 after the original wouldnt be a choice Id make
    The original FindX was innovative
    This seems like just another slab

  2. Hi Phone makers, I just want a snapdragon 865 in a compact body since I have small hands (I'm not the only one!). No notch or hole punch cause they annoy me during media consumption (for those who say its ok, I ask if they like dead pixels on their screens too?). Just cause I want the best specs doesn't mean I want a gigantic phone… Guess a few of us are missing out this generation =(

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  4. Love to see a full review. it's so nice to see this OPPO phone with better spec than Samsung S20 Ultra for a lower price tag


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