RARE Noodles of Saigon, Vietnam! All the Best Hidden Noodles You've Never Seen!


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Food 1: Snakehead fish noodles
Location: Bún Cá Lóc Phan Lê
Address: 159 Cao Thắng St., Ward 11, Dist.10
Operation hours: 07AM – 10PM
Price: 35.000VND

Food 2: Fishsauce noodles
Location: Bún mắm 444
Address: 375 Lê Quang Định St., Bình Thạnh District
Operation hours: 08AM – 07PM
Price: 60.000VND/normal bowl, 70.000VND/special bowl
Food 3: “Stirred” noodles
Location: Bún Quậy Sài Gòn
Address: 220/162A Lê Văn Sỹ St., Ward 14, District 3.
Operation hours: 11AM – 02PM, 04PM – 09PM
Price: 50.000VND

Food 4: Spicy clam noodles
Location: Mì hến Dì Lan
Address: 2/4 Ngô Văn Sở St., Ward 13, District 4
Operation hours: 07AM – 07PM
Price range: 20.000VND – 32.000VND

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  1. Thanks so much for watching! Follow me on Instagram for more fun food videos! @InstaSonnySide

    Next time you're in Vietnam, hit up Onetrip for an amazing tour: https://www.christinas.vn/onetrip/saigon/

  2. All i eat is instant ramen and canned food. Because of this fckin lockdown! And i watch this channel so i can use my "imagination"😂

  3. Very big country very friendly people very good healthy fresh foods thank you for sharing your beautiful healthy foods

  4. I love "bun mam". There is another type of "bun mam" from the southern side of Vietnam, Tra Vinh city. They serve "bun mam" with grill pork and fried shrimp cake. Yummy.

  5. Is the baby clams in the 3rd clip the same as 'cockles' which we get here in the UK? Cuz they look similar!! If so i would totally try it!!

  6. The word saigon is together in the description but in the video you have them seperated like sai gon, the way u do it is together as 1 word.

  7. I'm going to sound like a homer, but Viet Nam has more variations of delicious noodle dishes than any Asian country and its not even close .

  8. Watching for probably the third time, playing along at home with some Ramen. There are Vietnamese flavors now that are really excellent, packaged beautifully, lots of seasoning. Then you put some leftovers, an egg, some scallion, and watch this video and it's not so bad!

  9. Sorry Sonny, I don’t have any other social media apps. I love your hard work on these fun quality videos. Great job.

  10. The "Snakehead" thing totally confused me when I came out here, took a while to realize its the name of the fish, not part of it! 😂

  11. Awesome video. Made me miss Vietnam so much. I was hoping to see some mi quang, but maybe that's not so rare? My stomach is grumbling now.

  12. I've been binge watching these episodes almost all afternoon long and still haven't quite figured out how these people remain so thin after eating these giant portions of delicious looking food.

  13. That snakehead fish is also one of my favourite food ever!! 😀 In my hometown (Palembang, Indonesia), we have a dish called Pindang Iwak Gabus (snakehead fish yellow soup). Looking forward to go to Saigon to try that snakehead noodles too!

    And also the clam noodles looked amazing! Damn Sonny, you and your team really did a great job *-*✨


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