Soushuu Senshinkan Gakuen Hachimyoujin – Prologue


I can’t think of any way to summarize what happens in this. So I will just go with the synopsis of VNDB:

Yoshiya has been seeing continuous lucid dreams every night since he was small. Even though his mind doesn’t get to rest during his ‘sleep’, he still doesn’t experience heavy fatigue nor have ill health. Instead, he is brighter and more capable than other people his age. He thought of his special ability as one of his good points, and intended to live a relatively normal life. That was until he met Mizuki, who also had the same ability as him.

They were able to enter the dream world at will, but soon they found themselves caught in a world which could kill people and change history. It was a world from which one cannot escape. They were faced with the choice of either giving up and taking their own lives or to charge forward and try to break through this nightmare. However, they all felt like they were not caught up in this absurd situation by chance, but rather because it was their own wishes.

Credit goes, as always, to Gare for the subtitles:

Naturally, all of this belongs to Light and I take no credit for their work.


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  1. I have a boner every time I read stuff from Gare (no homo). His way of writing is just too awesome.
    Can't wait for his next project after Dies.

  2. This is badass. Although it's unlikely for him to do another scene translation like he has in the passed, just adding the text to the video really helps in capture the essence of the scene. Thank you for doing this!


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