Surviving the Hard Counter – Aatrox vs Lucian + Elise | Lane Kingdom w/ Azael


On this episode of Lane Kingdom, Azael is breaking down how to win lane when your win condition is to survive, as Licorice demonstrated against Dignitas when Huni ran Ignite Lucian top.




  1. Excellent analysis as always guys, and licorice played that lane to perfection honestly he was 5 steps ahead the whole time.

  2. This series is truly amazing and has me yearning to play top lane. I think the biggest factor is that you break down both perspectives. You focused on what licorice did well and broke down the match up but you also recapped on where huni could have made some changes to shift things into his favor. These videos are packed with tips and information to use for better performance while playing and also a better understanding while watching. Keep em coming.

  3. Why show this when we all know that huni is trolling this split and grig was worst jungler in lcs. If licorice would survive against for example BB+dardoch lane, then it would be nice, but against this dig, it was usual game for licorice.


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