The Story of Rex – Chắc Ai Đó Sẽ Về


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Please rescue Rex!

To whom it may concern

My name is Dang Ngoc Binh, a single man 44 years old. I live a lonely life with my only beloved Rex. I love Rex more than myself. We were always together.

This summer from my hometown Quang Nam province I travelled to the south heading Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). I had an accident when riding my bike in Saigon. When it happened, I tried to use my body to protect Rex and left her there on the pavement. Suddenly some local dogs attacked and chased after Rex. Rex was missing so I had to search around for three days with only a loaf of bread in my hand and a bottle of water. I had called her name desperately until I lost my voice. I built a small empty tomb for Rex and covered it with my tshirt hoping she could survive. I returned home feeling so lonely and depressed without Rex.

Then some kind people in Ho Chi Minh City informed me that Rex appeared at night looking for her owner. Again I rushed to Saigon, where is 1000 km far away from my home. I stayed up all nights and days with very little food and drink to search for her. I cut my shirts into pieces and left scatter on the roads so that Rex could realize my smell and follow it. The young members in Saigon Offline Dog Lovers (Saigon Offline Hoi Nhung Nguoi Yeu Cho) came and helped me to find Rex. Rex was captured by a rich family. The young group who helped me had to pay 1,000,000 VND (50 USD) to pay for the messenger). They also offered to pay 4,000,000 or more to buy Rex but the new owner refused to talk and quietly hid Rex to another place.

(This is due to the common belief that when a strange dog comes to your house he will bring good lucks to the owner. Rex is a Phu Quoc breed which is believed to be lucky breed of dog in Vietnam.)

I am writing this letter to beg for help from Ms Michele Brown and Fight dog Meat as well as other Pet Lover Group to help me. Please help me to do something that can bring back my dear Rex. I hope you can contact to the authority, requiring their help so that I can talk to her new owner to buy my dog back. I love Rex more than myself and I miss her so much.

Quang Nam, 24 August 2016
Dang Ngoc Binh
Phone: 0984 96 90 96

More information about Rex and his owner:

Rex’s owner:


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  1. Thầy giáo nghèo thích du lịch chỉ có thể đi bằng xe máy, thầy chở Rex vì không tìm được ai giữ nó giúp, mà thầy cũng thích cho nó đi chơi đó đây. Tội nghiệp thầy, hai lần về lại quê đều không có Rex. Đầu tháng 8 quay vào Sài Gòn tưởng sắp tìm được Rex rồi ai ngờ tiếp tục thất vọng vì Rex đã bị người ta bắt nhốt mất rồi, không chuộc lại được.


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