This Pc/My computer Desktop Icons missing? Add windows 10 desktop icon shortcuts.


Create ‘This PC’ or ‘My Computer’ shortcut icon and ‘My documents’ shortcut icon on windows 10. Very Simple Trick.

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When you buy a new laptop with windows 10, you have to configure it before you use. You have to enter some basic information such as user name, password (if you need), color, etc. After that, your desktop screen will appear. But you cannot find the common computer icon or any user file folders there. If you want to access ‘this pc’ and user files from your desktop, you can easily add that.
This video will show you how to add ‘this pc’ icon and ‘my document’ icon to the windows 10 desktop. my computer icon on windows 10.

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This Pc/My computer Desktop Icons missing? Add windows 10 desktop icon shortcuts.

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Créez l’icône ‘This Pc’ / ‘My computer’ sur le bureau de Windows 10 facilement.
Create ‘Deze PC’ / pictogram ‘Deze computer’ op Windows 10 desktop gemakkelijk.
Erstellen Sie ‘This Pc’ / ‘My Computer’ -Symbol auf Windows 10 Desktop leicht.
‘इस पीसी’ / ‘मेरा कंप्यूटर’ 10 डेस्कटॉप आसानी से खिड़कियों पर चिह्न बनाएँ।
Windows 10のデスクトップに「このPC」/「マイコンピュータ」のアイコンを簡単に作成できます。
Windows 10 바탕 화면에 ‘이 PC’/ ‘내 컴퓨터’아이콘을 쉽게 생성하십시오.
Создание ” Этот ПК значок / “Мой компьютер” на рабочем столе Windows 10 легко.
Ustvarjanje “Ta računalnik” / “Moj računalnik” ikono na Windows 10 namizje enostavno.

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  2. Thanks a lot, before watch this vdo, when I unfortunately deleted 'this pc', then I opened the 'windows explorer' and drag 'this pc' to dekstop….but it just created a shorcut and whenever I open the this pc… the windows explorer start taking a heavy cpu usage….from now, my cpu can take some rest! Thanks a lot ❤️


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