Vietnam Diaries #5 World famous Cau Vang Golden Bridge on Ba na Hills, Amazing experience 😍


Ba Na Hills-Golden Bridge
Ba Na Hills is located 35 kilometers southeast from Da Nang city of Vietnam. It is a famous hill station and resort. Unlike normal stations built on the ground, Ba Na Hills is located 1,489 meters high on Nui Chua mountain. The station, founded in 1919, was advertised as “the DaLat of DaNang province”. Its investors, the French colonists, intended to build it as a leisure destination for French tourists.
Do you know where the name “Ba Na” came from? There are 3 explanations. The first explanation is funny, since the French named it after what they saw. When this area was discovered, it was packed with banana trees. And “Ba Na” sounds very much like banane – the French way to call banana in English. Coincidence? But we don’t agree.
The second way, which was explained by a Vietnamese author, is that “Ba Na” means my mountain in the Katu language. In case you don’t know, Katu is the tribe that lives in this area. The last explanation needs a history review, back in the day this land belonged to the Champa kingdom. The local people here worshiped the Ponagar goddess, which means Ba Thien Na in Vietnamese. For short, they named this land Ba Na to honor her. Which way makes the most sense to you?
You don’t have to wait a full year to experience the four seasons. Instead, you can experience them in just one day! With its special weather, Ba Na will let you experience the sunlight of spring in the morning, the heat of summer in the afternoon, the breeze of fall in the evening, and the cold of winter at night! The price, including the two-way cable car and games in the Fantasy Park area, is 700,000 VND (30 USD) for adults and 550,000 VND (25 USD) for children. For kids under one meter tall, it’s free! Tickets can be booked online.
We are going to take a cable car to reach to the top of the Ba Na hill.
The cable car system was built with Australian technology, with equipment imported from Germany, Switzerland and Sweden. Basically, these cable cars are similar to those you’d find in the Alps.
Generally speaking, April to August is the peak season here, so if you want to have fun in the energy of thousands people, this is a great time for you!
다낭 48 hours unesco ho chi minh


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