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This program is about Vietnam. Nations Facts tells about Vietnam GDP, its GDP growth by year, and population. Whether you need to be informed on the actual Vietnam GDP per capita or the amount of citizens living in it, you will see it in the video.

Besides, our viewers may witness and other important features of Vietnam. You will get to know about Vietnam capital, debt ratio, GDP data yearly changing, debt vs GDP, Vietnam index of happiness.

It is the richest country in the world. It has Dong as a national money, and its shadow economy index is no more than 14.78% of GDP.

We will show you more about Vietnam flag, 3 083 800, 310 070 area, Vietnamese language, Buddhism religion, and 75.24.

ABOUT Vietnam:

Area: 310 070 sq km
Сapital: Hanoi
Hanoi Population: 3 083 800

Vietnam GDP Values:

CURRENT GDP: 1 539 114 000 000 000 VND
Vietnam GDP per CAPITA: 1595.81 USD

SHADOW ECONOMY: 14.78% of GDP / ~ 227 481 049 200 000 VND
EXPORT & IMPORT: 187.52% of GDP / ~ 2 886 146 572 800 000 VND


TOTAL POPULATION: 92480000 people
DENSITY: 299 per sq km
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 75.24 years
WORLD POPULATION: 1.27% people in the World live in Vietnam
URBAN PEOPLE: 35.92% / ~ 33 218 816 people
MALE / FEMALE: 49.49 / 50.51 ~ 45 768 352 / 46 711 648

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