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The Vietnamese Dong Revaluation – Has It Happened? GROUP LINK IN VIDEO TURN ANNOTATIONS ON, IT’S AT THE 30 SECOND MARK.
I’m going to show you $0.47 on one of the global currency exchange sites. This is really weird. The rate is not showing here yet:

Maybe its not international? Maybe someone made a mistake? Please, comment below, this is very odd, I don’t think this was supposed to happen.

Also, I recently received information regarding a private group exchange for just the Vietnam currency, the dong, so if you want to be part of that, please subscribe to the newsletter OK? Even if this is not real, at the very least you will be able to get on a private group list.

I really don’t know when we will be able to exchange or what the final rate will be, but I do hear it will be good. Please watch the whole video so you know exactly what to do. You can go to the site and see for yourself.

VND/USD will tell you how much one Vietnamese dong is worth in U.S. Dollars. Pretty simple stuff.

See the links below for more information. Newsletter will be sent out on Wednesday the 16th, be ready for it, I might send it out Tuesday before 1158pm, I don’t know, just be ready to check your inbox OK?

I really want this as much as you guys, I don’t have a private group for the dinar yet. When the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation happens I hope to provide you with more information. I had been hearing since December that most of the currencies will reset prior to the dinar revaluation, I guess it’s happening.

Download the free PDF below, and check the other links.

Global Currency Reset Book –








Also check out this one:

Please subscribe to this YouTube channel for updates

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  1. I have 3 million đ.
    I have recently ran across a few articles on revaluation. Anything positive on the process of revaluation or roughly when it could happen?

  2. Hey! Could you please help me understand the proper way to go about buying the Vietnamese Dong. I would like to buy 1 million Vietnamese Dong, can you please help me with understanding what I should pay(estimating) the cost to purchase and then the possiblity of selling them.

  3. Why do you still have this thing on this is old man get this off the turnip think you have some good news in the same old crap

  4. Yo this is supposed to happen this year wtf buy it Trump will reset the currency to the gold standard and global currencies will be balanced

  5. Guvineueue Nomriei me mrisonwisia..AINWUS USAUS .: A {!$38🍋🥑🍒🇪🇺🇳🇷🌐🛰️🌠🔥☄️🎱💶💷🗞️💸💴💵💱💯㊗️🉑🈷️🈷️🈂️🈯🇳🇷🔥💴💶💸🎱🎱💶🈷️㊗️💯🈯🗞️💯💯🌠🛰️☄️🌠🌐🌐

  6. 11:69'89-6":*€48 Seao aua moneis. nondisu kimdis..pdosof. AUSKBSU UHK..'6£´§·μ· AGSUEOB. -59#€/94´§< obz. DESOBAU.. inc . -=9💱🈹🇺🇸 .
    💽🚀💶💿 .vzyl..💴♒🈚🈯💵💶💸💷💵📶💱💱🈯💵💶🇺🇸

  7. That site says 10, 000 VND= 0.45 USD, since its very small price for USD. it consider 10,000units of VND.

  8. I still do not understanding why anyone should have to mail there a Iraqi dinar or Vietnamese dong to a stranger to complete a transaction. Isn't that also known as inside trading? why not just go to the bank and cash it in?

  9. Im not gonna spend forever explaining the math and logic behind it. Quick simple statements of truth:
    1. They make money selling you dong.
    2. Dong millions aren't coming in your way if it fluctuates, only the amount of usd you put in.
    3. Do the math. Even if dong jumped up to .005 which is a major (never gonna happen) jump, you still wouldnt make any money.

  10. The VND is not going to reset. Its a rumor and millions of people are buying in on it. Dong is worthless. If you buy it you will loose money. You will not get rich. Sell what you have to some other idiot and get out while you can. Sorry youve been duped.


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